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With an increasing amount of the UK's population turning away from office life and starting to work at home, whether they freelance, have set up their own business or simply have flexible bosses, the need for a comfortable and dedicated work space is on the rise. Property prices are still soaring, office rental rates are certainly not cheap, and the time and money that goes into a daily commute is always on the rise, meaning that more people are finding a space within their own home to be more appealing to focus on the job at hand. For those whose jobs are based at a desk or online, there are really no downsides to working at home, aside from the distractions that can come from being in close quarters with what is usually a space reserved for relaxation after a long working day.

Keeping a healthy balance between work and home life can be difficult though when your days no longer involve the downtime of a commute home at the end of the day or lunch breaks spent away from the office. Although escaping the commuter lifestyle may be the reason you're making the big change, especially so that you can spend more quality time with your family rather than travelling to and from work, you'll find it's harder to motivate yourself when you have all your home comforts around you, you find yourself working in a space that's usually used for relaxation or the family's at home for the day and pestering for your attention. A garden office will provide the ideal solution to this, becoming the quiet and dedicated space you need to really focus and get down to work, while at the same time being only a few steps away rather than miles. With stylish and modern designs, produced specifically to be a welcome addition to your outdoor space, whether as the centrepiece or to blend in, our garden offices are manufactured to the highest possible quality and standard to provide you with a comfortable and reliable place to get your work done. An Oeco garden office will provide a professional working environment filled with space and light that is insulated well enough to be used in every season. Garden offices can be tailored to suit your requirements and needs with bespoke options so they can be customised to fit into your settings.

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18th May 2015



We are very pleased with the completed garden room. It is a lovely design and very well built, using high quality materials. John and Wayne were fantastic, working 12 hour days, hardly ever stopping. They completed the structure well within time. Best wishes for the future!

Mr Lockyer

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