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FREE 1 Metre Deep Timber Decking To Entire Front, FREE Acoustic Insulation Upgrade, FREE LED Lighting Upgrade and a FREE 100 Litre Water Butt, Filter, Stand & Tap on ALL orders placed BEFORE 30th June and installed in July or August

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Cube Garden Office

Cube Garden Office

From £12,594.00 to £34,794.00Working from home can sometimes mean that your home becomes a cluttered office. With a Cube Garden Office, you can organise your working life, and take advantage of the space you've got in your garden. Manufactured and installed to the latest building regulations, your elegant Western red cedar clad office will ensure you balance your work and life and enjoy a beautiful environment as well.
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Canopy Garden Office

Canopy Garden Office

From £13,554.00 to £36,594.00As property prices continue to go up, it's more expensive to move than it is to improve what you've already got. The Canopy Garden Office could be a perfect solution to your working needs, providing a stunning, sheltered space to work and separate your office life from your home life. All our Garden Offices come with a 10 year guarantee, and are fully finished spaces just waiting for you to set up, log on and get working.
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Corner Garden Office

Corner Garden Office

From £13,674.00 to £35,874.00Filled with light and the feeling of space, due to the large dark grey PVCu windows and double patio doors, this is the perfect space for a really productive day's work. As many of us are working from home on a more regular basis, or we have outgrown our small office in the family home, the Corner Garden Office could be a great solution to your need for space, quiet and some separation from family life, noise and distractions.
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Concave Garden Office

Concave Garden Office

From £14,514.00 to £37,554.00A stylish Garden Office could be a perfect solution to your work and home life balance. Working from home is now an opportunity more of us can take advantage of. Using part of your current garden to build a home office could make you so much more productive by allowing you to have a dedicated space, fully insulated and built to the latest building regulations. Our Garden Offices are also fully plastered and finished so you can just move in and get working.
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Bases, foundations what's required

Every garden office company has different techniques for bases; some even require you to have an appropriate base in place before install. Think of the hard work and costs involved when having to hire another building company to come to your home, create and install a base area, or even the hassle of having to do it yourself to get it done in time. Then consider the fact that it may not turn out right, and having to figure out who can fix the issue and how you can put right any problems, most likely at an additional cost in terms of money and time.

You won't find any of these problems here at Oeco. Just sit back and relax as we do everything that is required to get your garden office installed right from base to final clean down. We've being using our base construction method for over 10 years and we are yet to have a single problem, even after all that time.

While some companies may try to look flashy and high tech with specialist pads and mounting systems, these are simply not required and may often than not bump up prices.

We use our tried and tested steel feet and concrete pad system which has been tried and tested used on thousands of installs. While our base system may seem basic compared to others on the market, it will hold its own against competitors and allows us to quickly and efficiently get your garden office constructed. The amount of feet used and spacing will vary depending on the sizing of your chosen garden office as the weights can increase dramatically from our small offices up to the largest ones we produce.

Since every installation is different, don't worry about the type of soil or how level it is. Our base construction method allows us alter the base so that it's level while remaining raised from the ground to allow for adequate airflow under the timber.

Walls & Floors

We only use the best timber available on the market, all C16 (British Standard) graded structural timber for all load bearing areas and our flooring timbers are 150mm (6 inch), pressure treated with Tanelith E to stop fungal rot and insect attack. We're also proud to say that all of our timbers are sourced from sustainable forests.

Whilst corners can be cut by not using pressure treated timbers for the flooring and saving you a little bit of money, we here at Oeco strongly believe that only the best materials should be used for the job. The last thing we want to happen 10 years down the line is for you to step through the floor because a timber joist has gone rotten and is unable to take the required weight. We are so sure of our construction methods and materials used that all of our buildings are guaranteed for 10 years from finish date.

Keeping Warm & Dry

All of our offices use the same roofing structures. Our interlocking metal panel sections are highly efficient and help towards the High U values that all of our buildings have. Each roofing panel is comprised of 3 layers: the top section is the metal skin which is coated in a coloured polyester which protects and gives the metal a coloured appearance. The second section is a rigid thermal core which aids cooling in the summer months but during winter will keep the warmth in allowing you to use the office all year round. The final 3rd layer is one that most people never get the chance to see due to the internal ceiling hiding it, this is the 2nd metal sheet which is powder coated white to protect the metal from the elements but also sandwiches the insulation layer. Some of our larger garden offices will also have an internal beam to help support the larger roof panels and extra weight. You'll never really see the roofing panels unless you're looking from above as every side is covered with timber cladding to match your garden office.

We only use Kingspan insulation and no cheaper alternatives such as Rockwool or animal based products as these are inferior insulation solutions. 100mm or 4" Kingspan offers an equivalent of up to 300mm of Rockwool or animal based insulation.

Breathable Membrane

Once the structural framework is in place we then wrap all of the walls in a breathable membrane. This provides another layer of insulation and also acts as a waterproof layer as well. Horizontal batons are applied to the outside of the garden office at regular intervals to which the main cladding is fixed. This forms part of our double ventilation system, by not fixing the cladding directly on top of the membrane and core structure, and by fixing onto batons instead allows for an increased airflow over the membrane which acts like a modern day waterproof jacket allowing moisture out of the building but at the same time stopping it from entering. Our other area of ventilation is between the internal Kingspan insulation.


The cladding is the most important part of your garden office as it's the integral part protecting the inner structure from the elements, and is also the part that you'll be seeing day in, day out. All of our offices are clad in Scandinavian Redwood which has been treated with Tanelith E to help protect it for even longer. We are also able to offer other cladding option such as Thermowood, Siberian Larch and Western Red Cedar to suit your taste and to fit seamlessly into any garden or space. All of our cladding is Tongue & Groove which is far superior to Shiplap and other cheaper alternatives.

The Internals

Once the outside is finished, we start work on the inside which will be ready for you to move into as soon as we've left. All internal walls are plasterboard lined and skimmed ready to be painted in the colour of your choice. All garden offices are finished as standard with an oak effect laminate flooring which is supported by 22mm tongue and groove floorboards of industrial grade.

Waving Goodbye to Oeco

Before we go, we will ensure that everywhere is tidy and it doesn't even look like a workman has been near your garden. All rubbish is removed from the site and disposed of back at Oeco's head office. We'll also ensure that your structure is put together to the best standards leaving you with nothing to do but enjoy it. Remember you're never really waving us goodbye as we are only at the end of the phone in case you should encounter any issues with your beautiful new office.