Sound Proof Music Rooms From Oeco Offering a National Installation Service

Many an aspiring musician has struggled when confronted with the problem of composing music or practicing their art from the home or domestic environment. The main objection that the budding pop star or concert pianist is confronted with is containing the level of sound. Oeco have overcome the problem with their specially designed and soundproofed garden music room which is achieved through ensuring that meticulous attention is paid to the soundproofing as well as the very high standard of finishes, all achieved through ensuring that meticulous attention is paid to every stage of the construction.

The Oeco Garden Music Room is an ideal place to practice your musical instrument without disturbing other members of the family, or importantly your neighbours. This could be anything from a retro drum kit, guitar, brass instrument or even a baby grand piano, which our Garden Music Room is designed to accommodate, or maybe you just want to listen to music and not have to keep the volume down to a whisper. Additionally, your instruments and sound equipment can be safely stored in a warm and secure building ready for your next session.

In common with all our outdoor buildings, the Garden Music Room is manufactured to the latest current building regulations and fully insulated to the latest housing standards.

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2nd March 2015



We are very pleased with the completed garden room. It is a lovely design and very well built, using high quality materials. John and Wayne were fantastic, working 12 hour days, hardly ever stopping. They completed the structure well within time. Best wishes for the future!

Mr Lockyer

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