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Oeco Additional Options

PVCu Doors & Windows

PVCu Doors & Windows

A Popular Option!

Although we include dark grey (anthracite) PVCu doors and windows with each garden building some customers add additional doors and windows.

Chose from single, double (patio & sliding), wide tall or square opening windows and fixed glass window panels.

A popular option for many customers is to increase the size or amount of fixed glass window panels.

You can increase the size of the standard 0.5m panels to either 0.75m or 1m wide.

Aluminium Doors & Windows

Aluminium Doors & Windows

Ultimate In Luxury!

For the ultimate in luxury we can also supply aluminium bi-folding doors, sliding doors, patio doors and windows.

Supplied in dark grey (anthracite) profiles on both the outside and inside.

Additional RAL colours are available upon request.

Popular door sizes include 2m, 3m and 4m widths.

The position of any aluminium doors and windows is at the discretion of the customer.

Timber Decking

Timber Decking

Compliment Your New Garden Building!

To compliment your new garden building, you may like to consider some timber decking to the outside of your structure.

The timber decking can be added to the front, sides or even both.

The specialist joiners are very experienced at installing timber decking and are more than capable of producing any shape or design you require.

All timber decking includes a sub frame and a traditional redwood timber decking top.

Dark Grey (Anthracite) Composite Decking

Dark Grey (Anthracite) Composite Decking

For A More Contemporary Look!

Alternatively for a more contemporary look you might consider the latest dark grey (anthracite) composite decking.

The main advantage of composite decking is that it will not fade or scratch like traditional timber decking and will retain its dark grey colour year after year.

In addition the dark grey composite decking compliments the dark grey PVCu door and window profiles.

Internal Storeroom

Internal Storeroom

Divide The Internal Space!

You may wish to divide the internal space inside your garden building and access the separate area either by an internal door or external door.

The joiners can divide your internal space with a partition walls.

Partition walls allow for an efficient dividing of internal space for a multitude of different uses.

Separating the internal space is very useful if you require an area for the storage of tools, bicycles, garden machinery etc.

The exact location of the internal dividing wall can be decided on site.

Acoustic Insulation, Plasterboards & Glass

Acoustic Insulation, Plasterboards & Glass

Additional Sound Reduction!

The garden buildings insulation, plasterboards and glass can be upgraded to high mass acoustic options when additional sound reduction is required.

These options are particularly useful for music related work or hobbies and for those garden buildings installed near to busy roads, railways, airports, factories etc.

Please contact us for specific information and advice.

External Canopy Downlights

External Canopy Downlights

Underneath The Projecting Roof!

External down lights can be installed in the projecting roof canopies found on our canopy and canopy corner design.

The recessed down lights are installed within the timber framework underneath the projecting roof section.

The down lights are supplied in a brushed stainless steel finish and all wiring is concealed out of view within the structures walls.

Internal LED Ceiling Downlights

Internal LED Ceiling Downlights

Create Visual Interest!

Internal LED ceiling lights can be installed inside your garden building.

LED lights are more energy than traditional lighting, but because the bulbs are more expensive than halogen they are often overlooked for use, but they have a number of long term benefits.

Adding LED lighting to a room is a great way to create visual interest using a low power lighting source.

LED lights tend to have a longer lifespan than tradition lighting, and they are ideal for hard-to-reach places.

Internal & External Electrics

Internal & External Electrics

No Matter What Your Electrical And Cabling Requirements!

No matter what your electrical and cabling requirements are we can accommodate your needs.

The installation teams can add additional lighting including spotlights, LED light panels, LED downlights complete with any extra light switches.

You can add extra single or double sockets (internal and waterproof external) and if required we can upgrade our consumer units to suit any additional power requirements.

All cabling is concealed within the timber walls, floor or ceiling panels.

Mains Electrical Connection

Mains Electrical Connection

Quote To Carry Out The Electrical Connection!

Once your garden building is completed our fully qualified electrician will call and check and test all the internal electrical components and wiring.

On completion he will issue a Part P electrical certificate in readiness for the mains electrical connection from your house to your garden building.

Your can either choose your own electrician or alternatively after our site survey we can provide you with a quote to carry out the electrical connection works for you.

If you have any specific questions or queries regarding the additional options, please do not hesitate to Contact Us