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Oeco Bespoke Design Service

Build And Designed Just For You

Build And Designed Just For You

People Prefer Flexibility In Their Design!

Oeco are very different from the majority of the garden building companies you will come across.

We do not use prefabricated panels or modular sections that offer no flexibility in the design and construction process.

We prefer to use traditional timber framed construction methods as we understand people prefer some flexibility in their design.

Traditional timber framed construction has been around for hundreds of years and is still used today in the majority of new house construction.

Choice And Variety

Choice And Variety

A Range Of Different Designs And Styles!

In today`s society we are offered a great deal of choice and variety and sometimes we need some help!

To make things a little simpler we base our garden buildings on a range of different designs and styles.

The difference between each range is clearly indicated in our colour brochure and on our website.

Our ranges are based on tried and tested designs that we know clients like and have been perfected over a decade.

A Truly Bespoke Service As Standard

A Truly Bespoke Service As Standard

We Use Traditional Timber Framed Construction!

All Oeco garden buildings are hand build on site by professional joiners and tradesmen.

We use traditional timber framed construction which allows you the client to be in total control of the design and finished product.

Trying to decide where everything needs to go prior to the installation team arriving tends to create stress and disappointment if it’s not exactly as you perceived the finished garden building would look like.

We Know The Problems You Need To Solve

We Know The Problems You Need To Solve

Enable You To Decide On Site

We are garden buildings experts and from experience we know the problems you need to solve.

Our standard bespoke service enables you to decide on site during the construction exactly:

Where you want the doors and windows positioning, what height to position a window, where to put the lights, light switches, electrical sockets (including last minute additional ones!), any heating options, running internet, telephone, alarm cabling inside the timber walls.

Your Own Design

Your Own Design

Accommodate Customers Own Bespoke Design Ideas!

We often accommodate customers own bespoke design ideas. Many customer like to mix and match between our normal designs and then add their own unique touches.

Alternatively we have had customers who have come up with their own unique design.

As long as the building design is square, rectangular or L shaped (or combinations) we can normally accommodate your requirements.

In addition we can make any size garden building to suit your particular needs and preferences: height, width and depth.

3.0m High Garden Buildings

3.0m High Garden Buildings

Applications Where Extra Internal Height Is Required!

Under the current permitted development rules you are allowed to install a 3.0m high structure with a single pitch roof without the need to apply for planning permission (please see our planning leaflet for conditions).

However a 3.0 high building will need to be installed 1.0m from any boundary.

Clients who have purchased the 3.0 high garden buildings have done so to use as gyms, artists studios, dance and yoga studios and various applications where extra internal height is required.

Internal Blank Canvas

Internal Blank Canvas

Your Own Personal Interior Design Ideas!

Inside your Oeco garden building you will find luxury plastered walls and a ceiling.

The plastered finish is your blank canvas for your own personal interior design ideas.

You will be able to create your own functional space within the garden building.

As you are no doubt aware the possibilities are endless and if required we can help with bespoke flooring , fitting customer own light fittings and anything else you might require assistance with.

Oeco Company History

Oeco Company History

Our Formula For Success Is Simple!

We have been building quality insulated garden buildings since 2006, incorporating regular innovations to stay ahead of the market.

Our garden buildings are more efficient and better insulated than many properties standing in the country today.

Our formula for success is simple:

1. We work with you to give you what you want, at a better price and quality than most people expect.
2. We help you plan the best space to suit your needs.
3. We offer excellent value for money and a product that will last a life time.

An Initial Conversation

An Initial Conversation

We Can Give You Advice On All Aspects!

An initial conversation is a great place to start. You can ask as many questions as you like and we can give you advice on all aspects including:

different designs, sizes, materials, construction methods, on site installation, planning permission etc. Our staff have a wealth of knowledge about garden buildings and they are happy to share it with you.

Let us know what you what requirements you have including any options and we will give you a no obligation fixed price for the whole project with no hidden surprises!

Two Large Indoor Showrooms

Two Large Indoor Showrooms

A Lot Easier If You Can See And Touch The Product!

We encourage clients to visit us and get a real sense of what we can offer you. It always makes life a lot easier if you can see and touch the product. We have two large 2500 sq. ft. showrooms in Yorkshire.

Visiting our showrooms is by far the best way to see our high quality garden buildings and compare the different designs and sizes available.

You can drop into our showroom at any time during normal working hours and Saturday`s by appointment.

Visiting us also means you can ask any questions you might have and obtain really useful advice from our helpful staff.

If you have any specific questions or queries, please do not hesitate to Contact Us