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People the length and breath of Britain are enjoying the freedom and space their garden rooms provide for their whole families.

When you run out of space you're likely to consider some expensive options – first off is moving, with all the upheaval that involves, and if you can't afford to move then you might consider how you can extend the house, a full on extension, loft, or basement conversion. None of these are fixed price options, and as we know from so many home improvement programmes on TV very few people deliver a project on budget, and many spend twice what they set out to.

A garden room is different, it's far more simple, and in many ways it's better. By utilizing the space in your garden you can create a room that's completely separate from the main house, yet only a few steps away. Whether it's for a home office, a teenager's den, yoga studio, or just a quiet space for contemplation, a garden room is ideal. The price is fixed at the outset, it is built within two weeks, and you can customise it to suit your needs exactly.

A garden room from Oeco can save you having to move for years – but when the time to up sticks finally comes, it'll make your house more attractive to potential buyers too.

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18th May 2015



We are very pleased with the completed garden room. It is a lovely design and very well built, using high quality materials. John and Wayne were fantastic, working 12 hour days, hardly ever stopping. They completed the structure well within time. Best wishes for the future!

Mr Lockyer

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