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Why not visit one of our purpose built 2000 sq.ft indoor showrooms. Our showrooms are located in Ripon, North Yorkshire and Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire. Each has a selection of studios, garden rooms, offices and soundproofed music rooms all under one roof. It's often valuable to discuss your project with our expert team. They can turn your vision into a beautiful reality, and give hints and tips from their many years of experience. The kettle is always on!

Garden Rooms From Oeco

At Oeco we build stunning bespoke garden rooms, designed for your needs. Our buildings are constructed to an excellent standard that exceeds building regulations for new homes, at a price you can afford.

Super Insulated Garden Rooms, For All Year Round Use From Oeco!

Garden Rooms Built By Oeco And Fully Insulated

We believe that your garden room should be as well insulated as your house - and in many cases, even better. It should be warm and comfortable to use all year round, just like the best offices, but without the politics! We build bespoke spaces using heavy duty structural grade timber, we use superior rigid thermal insulation, we fit attractive self coloured double glazing, and finish the building with high quality exterior cladding that improves with age.
As much as 30% of the country's workforce now spends time working from home. Working effectively from home demands a great space, one that's away from the day to day distractions of family life. And that's exactly what a home office from Oeco can provide. A warm, comfortable garden room, that is efficient to run, and is somewhere you will want to spend time. The extra bonus is that it is an attractive investment that's likely to be the envy of your neighbours.

Garden Rooms To Create Extra Space For Work Or Leisure

Garden Rooms From Oeco Help To Create Extra Space For Work Or Leisure

We emphasise the quality of the Oeco garden room build as it's what truly sets our buildings apart from many alternatives. Oeco build using the same materials as those in a modern timber framed house. Structural grade timber, rigid insulated panels, double glazing to let in as much light as you could hope for, and stunning exterior cladding. We'll also fit lighting, heating and wiring to suit your individual needs.
Oeco buildings are enjoyed by a wide range of delighted customers for purposes as diverse as teenager's dens, yoga studios, there's a swimming pool house, art studios, gyms, meeting rooms and even desirable granny flats. That's as well as the most popular purpose which is a great work space that's on the doorstep, yet way from the hustle and bustle of family life. If you have an idea, talk to us, let's bring it to life.

Oeco Garden Buildings Manufactured To The Latest Part P Building Regulations

Garden Rooms Manufactured by Oeco Are Built To The Latest 2010 Part P Building Regulations

At Oeco we're proud of our great reputation, one that has been earned through years of building garden rooms and offices that delight their owners. Attention to detail is vital. From site preparation, through building, to leaving a completed project and clean space, we are on the case.
Our garden rooms exceed the demands of the latest 2010 Part L (England and Wales) Building Regulations. This means that your garden room is likely to be as well built and insulated as your house, if you're in an older property then the garden room could well be better.
The walls, floors and ceiling sections of our garden rooms are insulated using 100mm thick super efficient PIR rigid thermal insulation. This means that even in winter when the snow is piling up outside, you'll be toasty warm and comfortable in your garden studio or office. In summer that insulation works the other way, keeping your space cooler. It may be the best room in the house!

Energy Efficiency of an Oeco Garden Room

Eco Garden Rooms

Looking after the environment is not just a green initiative. Reducing your CO2 emissions means you are using less electricity, and that means lower bills. In a superbly insulated building, just being there is enough to generate enough heat on a chilly day, but ours also have efficient heating to ensure you can use them all year round. Our Eco garden buildings have been designed to preform extremely well against environmental and efficiency criteria - we're so determined to get it right that we've had a comprehensive environmental impact assessment and we're delighted with the results.
All timbers used are certified by the Forrest Stewardship Council ensuring that they are sourced from responsibly managed forests. When you couple that with great insulation and high U value double glazing it means that creating a comfortable working environment in your garden studio or office will almost certainly cost you less than in would in your house.

Oeco Garden Rooms are designed to breathe

A Garden Studio, Office or Room Designed To Breathe

A comfortable space needs good light, the temperature has to be right, and the air needs to be dry. We create a moisture free environment by designing our deluxe timber garden buildings to breathe, just like the best modern homes.
Each building is designed with large internal and external air cavities. It is then wrapped in a breathable waterproof membrane. This membrane lets air and moisture out, but stops water getting in. It's described as vapour-open, yet watertight and it helps protect your building from condensation. It's a simple design that makes all the difference, in efficiency, longevity and comfort.

Choosing the right exterior timber cladding for your Garden Room

Exterior Timber Cladding

The beauty of a garden room from OECO is that it performs excellently as a comfortable and efficient space, but more than that it looks good too and it's likely to add value to your home.
We clad the exterior with one of a range of luxurious finishes that offer you the benefit of primary protection against the elements, as well as great looks.
The most popular cladding is Western Red Cedar, this mellows in time from its rich warm tones to a beautiful silver grey. We can now offer alternative cladding materials that include English Oak, Scandinavian Redwood and the long lasting thermally modified timber Thermowood.

We will customise your Oeco Garden Room to suit your needs

A Garden Room, Studio or Home Office Personal To You

Your deluxe garden room will be built to satisfy your own personal needs and desires. We'll spend time with you working out the exact specification that will best deliver what you are setting out to achieve. Every garden office or studio from Oeco is built to a high standard with top quality windows, doors and plastered interior walls, ready to paint. You'll have interior lighting, power sockets and flooring as standard, but if you fancy more sockets, more windows, separate interior rooms, or even a shower and WC included, let us know. Outside we'll use the cladding that you most desire, and if you'd like a larger canopy, more exterior lighting or a timber deck we'll combine your vision with our expertise and deliver spectacular results.

On-Site installation and interior it from Oeco Installers

A Garden Building To Suit Yours Needs

The complete package, at a fixed price - no nasty surprises, just great results.
When you commission your garden room from Oeco everything is included from site preparation, foundations, build, interior fit out, and even site clearance when our team has finished. All you'll need to do is paint it, have your electrician connect the room to the mains, and move in.
We have a professional team that has worked with us for years. They will build your space, typically in 7 - 10 days depending on size, with minimum disruption, and you rarely even need planning permission.
The modules of your room are built to order at our factory to enable a swift and uncomplicated build, then we get on the road to you. We're centrally based in Ripon, North Yorkshire from where we cover the British Isles, building in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

A Garden Room Company That Asks You To Research & Compare

A Garden Room Company That Asks You To Research & Compare

At Oeco we have been supplying great eco spaces and garden rooms to delighted clients across Britain for many years. We are confident that our product will stand the test of time. It even comes with an insurance backed 10 year guarantee. We urge you to look at the alternatives and consider the comprehensive package you get from Oeco before you commit. You won't have to deal with pushy salesmen, just people who know, and love, the product. Please read our customer testimonials, browse our image library or better still, come to see us in our purpose built showroom in Ripon, North Yorkshire.

Every Oeco building comes complete with a 10 year insurance backed guarantee

100% Customer Satisfaction Plus A 10 Year Insurance Backed Guarantee

We're a dedicated family business based in Ripon, the beautiful little cathedral city in the heart of straight talking North Yorkshire. Our success depends on our reputation and we're committed to giving 100% satisfaction. In fact we're so confident of our product that we even supply it with a 10 year insurance backed guarantee.
We want you to buy in confidence and so we invite you to ask anything and everything you'd like to know. We have being building high quality garden studios and eco rooms for many years and we're here to help, whether you just have an inkling of an idea, or you know exactly what you want. Give us a call, or better still, come and visit - but please do call first to ensure that we can give you the time you deserve.

We look forward to helping you realise your dreams.
The Team.

The term "Oeco" is derived from the Greek οικος meaning "house" and "study of ecology”.
Our name, "Oeco" refers to a house and its relationship with the environment. And that's exactly what we're about.

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18th May 2015



We are very pleased with the completed garden room. It is a lovely design and very well built, using high quality materials. John and Wayne were fantastic, working 12 hour days, hardly ever stopping. They completed the structure well within time. Best wishes for the future!

Mr Lockyer

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