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The Inspiration For Oeco Garden Rooms

The Inspiration For Oeco Garden Rooms

The inspiration for Oeco Garden Rooms came from the owner's personal experience at working from home. The company was initially founded to satisfy the growing number of people who work from home and the essential need for more space and a separate working environment away from the main house.

Most importantly of all, we wanted to manufacture truly habitable super insulated eco garden rooms, offices, studios and lodges that would make a profound difference to ones all year round lifestyle.

Gain Valuable Extra Space Without The Need To Move House

Gain Valuable Extra Space Without The Need To Move House

Once the product was launched, we initially thought that our garden rooms would be mainly used for work related activities. However over the years our garden rooms, offices and studios have been purchased by customers from all backgrounds to extend their living space for a multitude of uses.

Unless there is an actual need to move house, it makes sense to stay in your existing property and utilise any available space - usually outdoors! Our timber garden rooms provide a practical and economical solution to gain valuable extra space without the need to move house.

Hundreds Of Happy Customers Nationwide

Hundreds Of Happy Customers Nationwide

With hundreds of happy customers nationwide, Oeco offer an exciting range of high quality outdoor lifestyle garden rooms that are truly habitable all year round. Manufactured in our own factory to exacting standards. Each timber garden room, office or studio is super insulated and manufactured to exceed the u-values required under Part L of the UK Building Regulations.

Our garden offices cost much less than an extension or a loft conversion, will add value to you house and are constructed with the minimal disruption to both you and your garden.

Knowledgeable, Efficient & Friendly Staff

Knowledgeable, Efficient & Friendly Staff

Our knowledgeable, efficient and friendly staff will guide you from the initial product selection through to the completed project.

We are committed to total customer satisfaction and we always aim to exceed your expectations.

If you have any specific questions or queries, please do not hesitate to Contact Us

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8th May 2015



We are very pleased with the completed garden room. It is a lovely design and very well built, using high quality materials. John and Wayne were fantastic, working 12 hour days, hardly ever stopping. They completed the structure well within time. Best wishes for the future!

Mr Lockyer

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