Exterior Specifications

Most Desirable External Timber Cladding

Western Red Cedar External Timber Cladding

No two garden rooms are the same with the unique look of red cedar timber cladding. We have been installing this highly desirable timber since we started and it's just as popular now as it was when we started building garden rooms over a decade ago. There are a number of great reasons why Red Cedar is the go-to cladding choice for garden rooms: it's highly unlikely to start rotting like a traditional pine timber, it's likely to last 40 or even 50 years before you start to encounter any issues with the structure body of the cladding. The final reason is that it doesn't need treating with paint or varnish; it is more than adequate left untreated. This doesn't mean you can't just speak to our sales team pre purchase for more advise. If left untreated, your garden room's appearance will change over the years giving a beautiful range of warm browns, pinks and reds.


Entirely Clad In Western Red Cedar

Classic Design

When we started building garden rooms well over a decade ago, there were no fancy trim options, each structure was finished in the same way fully clad in red cedar, even though each garden office build might have been slightly different. The trimmed parts are as follows: roofing fascias, corner wall trims, and base decking profiles. If you want your garden room to blend in seamlessly, going for this timeless classic design is a great option for you.

Oeco's timber framed garden buildings are fully insulated with rigid insulation boards that are 100mm thick, offering suburb insulation and strong U values. By using the best products on the market, our garden rooms are insulated to the UK building regulations and are in fact often better insulated than most houses are. This gives you a garden building that's suitable for use all year round.

Western Red Cedar And Modern Composites

Contemporary Design

If you want people to notice your new garden room but for it to still have that blend-in appearance, you really need to go with our contemporary design featuring anthracite profiles which really make your garden room pop. When matching the colour profile of your windows and doors, opting for our contemporary is a decision you won't regret.

The dark grey anthracite is a really strong and bold contrast of colour compared to the pink, reds, and warm browns offered by the natural finish of the red cedar that we use to clad the majority of our garden rooms. Even if you choose to stain or paint your garden room cladding, in a few years' time the anthracite profiling will still look like the day it was installed and won't require any upkeep.

Breathing Technology

Garden room construction

Rigid insulation boards & Structural grade heavy duty timber framework

Oeco believes strongly in only using the best materials on the market and using the right tools for the job. That's why all structural timber is C16 stamped, a British Standard graded timber made for the sole purpose of structural building work. Timber that's marked C16 must meet with rigorous testing to gain the acclaimed C16 status.

Oeco Garden Rooms builds excel with highly efficient U values by again using leading brands for the rigid insulation boards using both Kingspan & Knauf, who are both leading companies and trusted names in the world of insulation.

Our process doesn't stop there though, any wooden structure should be allowed to breathe allowing for better insulation and longevity of the structure itself.

Roof constructed & Barrier wrapped

Insulated Waterproof Breathing Membrane & Double Vented Timber Walls

All our garden buildings are wrapped in an insulated waterproof breathing membrane. This breathing membrane acts like a one way valve and allows natural moisture to escape out of the building - but prevents moisture from entering the building.

In addition all our traditional timber framed garden buildings incorporate double vented timber walls. The first vent allows air to circulate between the outer timber cladding and the breathing membrane. The second vent allows air to circulate between the breathing membrane and the internal thermal insulation panels.

Any Shape Or Design

Timber Decking

Almost all of our garden rooms and offices have some decking on, whether it's just a front lip or the sides as well. We can easily expand this decking section to match your requirements, all you need to do is speak to our sales team. Even if it gets to the point of installing your new garden office, we can still install extra decking.

With the price drops in composite decking, this is now proving a firm favorite of many of our customers as it is maintenance-free and comes in a choice of colours.

Blend Perfectly

Anthracite Door & Window Profiles

Adding a touch of class doesn't need to be an expensive process. That's why all of Oeco's garden buildings come with Anthracite window and door profiles. White windows look fine on houses, but can make our garden rooms look visually unappealing and they look like a cheaper item, when in fact the cost to use grey door and window profiling is almost the same.

All windows and doors are double glazed offering strong thermal efficiency, super strength and packed with security within the framework.

Beautiful Natural Clear Glass

Security & Double Glazing

Here at Oeco we aim to be the market leaders in supplying the best garden office end products and so we only install the best components. This is seen in our double glazing where we use the latest A-rated argon filled double glazing units with warm edge spacers maximising the heat coming into the room from the sun and keeping it in the structure. The Planitherm glass is manufactured using a completely different process to other glazing manufacturers so it gives an amazingly clear finish with high energy efficiency.

Each window or door aluminium structure is used to reinforce the framework and comes with insurance approved locks.

A Popular Option

External Lighting

With the advancement of LED lighting we are able to truly light up your garden room. If you opt for extra downlights to be installed on the roof canopy overhang, you can use RGB colour changing bulbs, which gives an amazing lighting experience. If your new build does not have an overhang, we'd recommend going with up down lights which can be installed on any wall of your garden room.

Highly Insulated

Rigid Roofing Panels

We believe that our roofing panels give the best roofing finish for any garden room on the market. Some companies work with rubber membranes or GRP, but here at Oeco we use rigid sheets at just under 6 inches thick. These certainly do the job! Combining multiple layers, the visible is a polyester treated skin topped onto metal reinforced insulation. To finish the roof internally, we look to add a second layer of insulation with rigid Kingspan boards before plasterboarding and then plaster inside, which of course you can paint.

Ideal For Watering Flowers

Run Off Rain Water

Quite a bit of rain can come off your garden room roof. Since the roof is rearwards sloping, this is where all the rainwater heads. Here we fit black half round guttering along the length of the garden room with one down pipe pushing the water away from the structure. If you are a keen gardener, you might like to opt for our optional water butt which collects the rain water, ready for you to water your flowerbeds with.

To Save You Expense And Inconvenience

Concrete Pile Foundations

When our fitting team arrives at your house, all you need to do is make sure where your garden room is going to be situated is clear and we will do the rest. Some companies want you to provide a concrete base ready for them, but not here at Oeco! You just need to sit back and watch our team at work. We use a specially designed concrete pile foundation with heavy duty galvanised steel legs and plates to prevent corrosion. We've been using this system since we started over a decade ago and it is still going strong today. Your new garden room will be slightly raised off the floor to allow for adequate ventilation.

To Save You Expense And Inconvenience

Garden room U-Values & Thermal Efficiency

U-values are the unit at which the rate of heat loss is measured through walls, floors and ceilings.

A U Value is calculated by measuring the heat lost through one square metre for every degree in temperature difference either side of the material, ie floor or ceiling. It's measured in w/m2K or Degree Kelvin.

The latest u-value figures of the UK Part L building regulation is below:

  1. Roof - Building Regulations Maximum = 0.20 W\m2k
  2. Floor - Building Regulations Maximum = 0.25 W\m2k
  3. Walls - Building Regulations Maximum = 0.30 W\m2k
  4. Glazing - Building Regulations Maximum = 0.20 W\m2k

All of Oeco's garden buildings are designed to exceed the U-values required in the UK building regulations.

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