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Sizes from 6ft x 6ft to 12ft x 12ft

Our premium quality fully insulated garden sheds offer an secure, damp and moist free outdoor storage space for your valuable possessions Store your expensive lawnmowers, bicycles, electric cycles, motorcycles, garden and DIY tools without worrying about deteriation, rot, rust and easy theft. Choose from a variety of different sizes external clad in either Composite Wood, Thermowood or Western Red Cedar.


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Configure your Garden Shed

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All prices shown are based on our lowest style/cladding option:

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Your Garden Shed includes

Anthracite (dark grey) single PVCu door

Each garden shed is supplied with a single anthracite (dark grey) PVC-U entry door. The high quality anthracite profiles blend perfectly with any of the different external cladding options. In addition the dark grey profiles offer elegant sight lines together with high security features, incredible strength and thermal efficiency. The glass section used in the garden shed PCV-U door are A rated tinted Planitherm argon gas filled double glazed units.

Insurance approved locks

Our individual aluminium reinforced PVCu door is fitted with an insurance approved locking mechanism. This locking system offers a higher level of security than the standard five lever mortice deadlock, as it bolts the door into the door frame and has multiple locking points around the door section.

Timber frame construction

All our garden sheds are manufactured using traditional timber framed walls and floor. The walls and floor are constructed using heavy duty solid 75mm and 100mm structural graded timber frames that carry the load of the building. The walls and floor are manufactured using C16 (British Standard) graded structural timber. The floor timbers are pressure treated and impregnated with Tanelith E wood preservative.

High performance breathable membrane

The garden shed timber walls are wrapped in a specialist high performance waterproof breathing membrane. This membrane acts like a one way valve and allows natural moisture to escape out of the garden shed - but prevents moisture from entering the building. Our garden shed structures additionally incorporate double vented timber walls allowing air to circulate, enabling the structure to breathe. The first vent allows air to circulate between the outer timber cladding and the breathing membrane. The second vent allows air to circulate between the breathing membrane and the internal thermal insulation panels.

Choice of external claddings including:

Composite wood

Composite cladding is manufactured from a combination of recycled wood and plastic and is available in a range of six colours including light brown, dark brown, light grey, dark grey, black and olive green. Composite wall cladding is a perfect way to make a statement and is a colour-stable alternative to traditional timber exterior cladding. Composite cladding requires no maintenance, has a lifespan in excess of 25 years in all types of weather conditions.

Thermowood timber

Thermowood, also known as heat treated timber, is a beautiful, sustainable timber produced using a chemical-free heat treatment. One of the benefits of Thermowood is it's stability, the thermal modification process reduces the moisture content in the board ensuring a long stable life span of up to 30 years. Thermowood offers a consistent brown tone for a beautiful appearance with outstanding durability and if required can be stained or painted. Thermowood does not require any additional treatment or maintenance and if left over time will turn to a natural grey colour.

Western Red Cedar

Western Red Cedar has always been a favourite for exterior cladding (albeit a bit expensive). Being very stable, naturally durable and lightweight, cedar wood is designed by nature to do the job with a 30 plus year life span. The rich warm brown, red and pink colours of Western Red Cedar gives any building a touch of individuality. Western Red Cedar does not require any additional treatment or maintenance and over time will turn to a natural grey colour similar to that of outdoor teak furniture. Cedar cannot be stained or painted but the natural colours can be maintained by periodically treating the timber with a cedar oil.

Fully insulated walls and floor

The structural timber floor and wall sections contain 50mm Knauf RS45 thermal acoustic insulation. Knauf is one of the UKs market leaders in insulation and its products are the most thermally efficient and technically advanced insulation products available today.

Insulated interlocking roof panels

Our garden shed roofs are constructed using a highly insulated trapezoidal roof panel system. The roof panel is sandwiched with thick PIR rigid thermal insulation. The highly insulated trapezoidal roof panels span the single pitch, with a fall from front to back. The outside edges of the dark grey roof panels are additionally covered with a matching dark grey aluminium roof edge trim and dark grey composite roof fascia boards.

OSB timber lined interior

Inside our quality garden sheds you will find all the walls lined with 18mm OSB timber. Oriented strand board (OSB) is an engineered timber board which has superior strength than plywood and is ideal for the inside of a garden shed. The OSB board is a substantial interior timber lining suitable for fixing steel shelving, bike racks, hooks and brackets to support heavy items. The interior OSB adds strength to the overall structure and adds an additional insulation layer to the garden shed.

Tongue and grove internal flooring

The internal timber floor carcase is completely covered using an 18mm industrial grade moisture resistant tongue and grooved timber floor boarding.

10 year structural guarantee

For total peace of mind all our garden sheds are covered by a 10 year structural guarantee. This covers design and manufacturing faults, material failure, corrosion and rot for a period of 10 years from the date of installation. In addition to our garden shed guarantee we will pass on all manufacturers' guarantees for items including: doors and optional windows and any optional extras.

Free delivery and full on-site installation included

All our prices include the delivery* and complete on site construction by fully trained professional installation teams. Each garden shed is installed with the minimal of disruption, typically within 1 working day and normally without the need for planning permission. * Delivery is free within a 100 mile radius of our head office in Ripon, North Yorkshire. Please contact our office for areas outside our 100 miles radius.

Site area

In order to construct your new garden shed on site we need the construction area to be clear of any old buildings or sheds, trees, rocks and shrubs etc. The ground on which the garden shed is to be built must be relatively firm and level. If the site area is not firm or entirely level we can offer a concrete pile foundation system for the shed base as an optional extra.

Why Choose An Oeco Garden Shed?

Our Lifestyles and Storage Requirements Have Changed!

Gardens sheds haven't really evolved a great deal over the last 50-60 years. A typical timber garden shed purchased over half a century ago is still purchased by many people today. A cheap timber garden shed used to be suitable for you grandparents to store a few gardens tool, pots, plant pots and unused chemicals and paints. Unlike the past today 's houses are smaller with a lot less storage space even though most people own a lot more valuable items and equipment. However, as our lifestyles and storage uses have changed so has the need for a high quality, fully insulated and secure garden shed.

The Cheap Garden Shed Route

Yes, we know that the purchasing cost can be a deciding issue when buying a garden shed with most thinking a cheap garden shed will satisfy most their requirements. Those people who have been down the cheap shed route soon realise the pitfalls of owing a cheap garden shed. It looks nice once it is erected and you soon fill it up with your expensive items only to find that the garden shed and its contents will deteriorate quicky over a short period of time. Leaks will emerge in harsh weather, cold weather will cause damp and condensation, rodents and insects will find gaps to enter the structure. A typical flimsy garden shed is easy to break into without much noise making it a good target for thieves. Although the garden shed will have initially been cheap to purchase over time you soon realise it would have been better to initially purchase a quality secure insulated garden shed in the first instance.

Superior Quality Garden Shed Construction

A typical garden shed costing under one thousand pounds will be delivered for you to assemble and will be constructed of 8mm – 13mm flimsy timber panels, a thin wooden door and a roll of roof felt. An Oeco garden shed is a substantial timber frame construction consisting of 130mm (over 5 inches) timber walls, 118mm (just under 5 inches) timber floor together with structural steel lined interlocking insulated roof panels and a high security PVCu door. An Oeco garden shed is actually constructed better than most companies garden rooms and garden offices. A superior quality garden shed construction will ensure a long service life and together with the high-performance breathable membrane and insulation will protect your contents from all the elements.

The Importance of An Insulated Garden Shed

Apart from the construction of a garden shed we cannot stress the importance of using insulation in the construction of a garden shed. It may seem surprising but even though we live in the UK (where the weather is cool, rainy and infrequent high temperatures) 99% of all garden sheds manufactured and supplied come with absolutely no insulation whatsoever! Inclement weather, rain, frosts, temperature changes including freezing and thawing all cause the contents and belongings inside a typical cheap shed to deteriorate and rust over time. Without proper insulation damp and condensation will accumulate and deteriorate everything inside. A properly constructed and insulated Oeco garden shed with its inbuilt high performance breathable membrane will protect all your contents from rot, rust, damp and condensation. Good insulation and the addition of a water repellent breathable membrane is directly correlated with the garden sheds longevity. Oeco are so confident that our sheds will stand the test of time that’s why we include a 10-year structural guarantee with every Oeco garden shed.

PVCu High Security Garden Shed Door

Most people do not make much attempt to secure a garden shed and simply secure the door with a padlock with a clasp simply screwed into the door frame. Unfortunately, with a weak timber frame around the shed door it only takes a few seconds to simply prise the padlock hinge and screws off the door and gain entry. With every Oeco garden shed you will find a house standard dark grey (anthracite) single PVCu door. The PVCu door offers the highest level of security and includes a five-lever mortice deadlock and security bolts that lock into the door frame when the door is closed and locked. You can rest assured that all your Oeco garden shed will be safe and secure.

Gain Extra Space & Protect Your Valuable Possessions!

If you’re running out of space and finding it difficult to store your valuable possessions safely and securely the best solution is an Oeco Garden Shed. You can easily store: Lawnmowers and gardening tools, power tools, exercise equipment, children 's toys, garden furniture and cushions (without going mouldy!) BBQ 's, sports gear, camping gear, golfing equipment, audio equipment for parties and anything else which is valuable and taking space up in the house.

Free Delivery & On-Site Installation

To save you time and ease the stress of building a garden shed yourself we delivery and install your Oeco garden shed in your garden. Our installation staff will take care of the installation and will leave the site clean and tidy and your new Oeco garden shed will ready for immediate for use. Our garden sheds are part prefabricated in our workshops and installation on-site is usually completed in a day.

Please Note: Free delivery and on-site installation is within 100 miles of our head office. An additional charge will be applicable to areas outside the 100-mile radius.

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