Interior Specifications

Small Garden Office/Pod

Plastered By Expert Craftsmen

Plastering is an art and getting an excellent finish isn't something that comes easily. That's why here at Oeco we use the best tradesmen to do the plastering, giving the best finish to your walls and ceiling. These are all fully plaster boarded and then plastered. We do not apply any PVC cladding on the side to speed up the build process or reduce costs. Having a plastered finish also helps to improve the energy efficiency. Once the plaster is fully dry, you will be free to paint to the colour scheme of your choice. All of our garden structure interiors are to the same spec of a premium new build house, using many of the same materials.

Showroom Garden Building

Door & Window Profiles (Internal)

All outside facing window and door panel frames are finished in a premium Anthracite/Dark Grey which works fantastically with any choice of cladding, from stone to the ever popular western red cedar. The internal profiles are finished in a gloss white colour which, from our experience of many installs, we have found to be the best colour for internal profiles as it works well with any interior colour schemes. If we use Dark Grey/Anthracite on the interiors, it can often clash with colours and reduce the appeal of your garden room.

UPVC Door Handles

Garden Building Security

Security is one of Oeco's main priorities. Just like your home, you want to make sure your new garden building is safe and secure. All PVCu doors and windows are reinforced with an aluminium structure for ultimate strength and security. All openings come with lockable handles with insurance approved locking mechanisms.

Our double glazing units are "A Rated" with Argon gas and come complete with warm edge spacers offering supreme thermal ratings for improved energy efficiency and U Values in your new garden room.

Internal Flooring

Oak Laminate Flooring & Panel Heater

Timeless Classic Oak Laminate

If you are choosing one of our stunning classic design styled garden structures, the standard flooring it will come with is the timeless classic oak laminate. This is laid on top of the main industrial grade moisture resistant tongue and groove timber floor boarding. The laminate flooring will be laid onto the foam insulation as recommended by the manufacturers, adding to noise damping and insulation values. Should you wish to go with a different colour or style of laminate flooring, just let our expert sales team know at the point of order.

Grey Laminate Floor In Garden Room Showroom

Light Grey Laminate Flooring in Contemporary Designs

Colours and textures have moved forward at light speed since laminate first surfaced well over a decade ago, and our premium light grey oak laminate flooring is a testament to that. Laid on top of the recommended foam underlay as per manufacturer's instructions, this laminate flooring will last for years and even comes with its own manufacturer's guarantee.


Consumer Unit Used by Oeco

Premium Branded Consumer Units

Making sure that the electrics are safe is super important to us here at Oeco, and this is why our qualified electrician will sign off and provide the signed off Part P certificate on every build. If pre-arranged we can also connect your house supply to your new garden, saving you the hassle of having to find a local registered electrician.

Your new garden structure will come with four double sockets, light switches, and lighting. Since we finish your garden room to your spec, we can put sockets where you require and add more sockets. This is best dealt with via our sales team, but even if at the last minute, we can still arrange extra sockets and placements.

13A Double Electrical Sockets

4x Double Sockets 13Amp

As standard, we fit 4 double sockets in white which are all rated at 13Amp. We can put these in any location that you require. Should you require extra double sockets installing, this can easily be arranged at a small extra cost along with upgrading from our standard white sockets to a brushed stainless steel finish.

Slimline Heaters

Slimline 1.5Kw Heater

We offer two options for heating your garden building up during the typical UK winters. A portable 1.5Kw oil radiator or a 1.5Kw wall mounted heater. Each heater has an adjustable thermostat and variable heat settings which offer a low cost option for heating your garden building. There are some pros and cons for each heater type to be aware of before making your decision. A portable heater can be moved out of the way in the summer months and gives cleaner looking walls. The wall mounted heater doesn't need storing when not in use as it is permanently mounted to the wall, but will need space left around it to allow heat to radiate outwards into your garden office.


4 Bulb Spot Light

Fully Adjustable 4 Spot Light

In our Classic designed rooms, we use an adjustable spot light with 4 spotlights all illuminated with LED bulbs offering a low cost lighting solution. Should you want to alter the lighting in your garden building pre-build, you can discuss this with our expert sales team who will be able to advise you on what the best lighting options are for you. From recessed LED spotlights to multiple LED light panels, we are able to provide the lighting you require.

LED Ceiling Panel

LED Slimline Lighting In Our Contemporary Designs

LED lighting has moved forward at a blistering pace and is quickly replacing traditional lighting. Our Slimline LED panels offer a sleek and slim finish. They come in two main different sizes: a square 600mm x 600mm, and rectangle 600mm x 1200mm size. Should you want multiple LED lighting units installed or a mixture of sizes placing into your room, our sales team will be able to help you.

If you have any specific questions or queries regarding the interior specifications, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

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