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Oeco Special Offers !!

Special Offers Available On All Oeco Garden Rooms & Buildings

The Inspiration For Oeco Garden Rooms

Our reputation has been built, above all, on the quality of our garden rooms and our exceptional value for money. It is what our customers want, and it is what gives us our edge over our competitors. At certain periods of the year, we run limited time special offers.

During this period we will include the following special offer items FREE OF CHARGE with each new Oeco garden room. The following optional extras are all provided in the special offer and are included in the normal selling price and at no additional cost to you.

But Hurry Because Our Special Offers Only Last For A Limited Time

The Inspiration For Oeco Garden Rooms

But hurry because our special offers only last for a limited time!. We do need you to place your order for a new Oeco garden room and receive a deposit before the special offer deadline in order for you to qualify for our special offers. Please Note: The installation date for your new garden room can be delayed if you would like to take advantage of any special offers but do not require your garden room installed as soon as possible.

We have hundreds of customers who benefit from our fantastic special offers but delay their installation date until it is suitable for them.

OFFER 1: FREE Timber Decking To The Outside Of Your New Garden Room

FREE Timber Decking To The Outside Of Your New Oeco Garden Room

To complement your new garden building from Oeco, we will also provide you with FREE timber decking to the outside of your new Oeco garden room.

As standard, we will include a 1m projecting timber deck the entire front of your new garden room. For example, if you order a 5m x 3m garden room we will include timber decking to the entire front elevation (5m) at a depth of 1m.

Chose Where You Would Like Your FREE Timber Decking!

Chose Where You Would Like Your FREE Timber Decking!

Alternatively, you can choose where you would like the timber decking to be built it. For example, you may want to have your timber decking only in front of the double patio doors and the remainder down the side of your structure. It is entirely up to you and the installation team will discuss your requirements on site.

You do not have to decide prior to the installation date and it is often better to decide where you would like your timber decking to be built after the garden room has been erected. The specialist installation teams are more than capable of producing any shape or design required.

OFFER 2: FREE Acoustic Insulation Upgrade

FREE Acoustic Insulation

All Oeco garden rooms are super insulated to exceed the latest house building regulations for thermal efficiency. However as we have found over the years that we primarily install our garden rooms in major cities (where space it as a premium) and built up areas where customers are in close proximity to neighbours, roads and other potentially noisy environments.

As an added benefit to our customers, we are more than happy to up upgrade your insulation Free of charge to a specialist acoustic version.

Reduce External Noise From Entering Your Garden Room

FREE Acoustic Insulation

With many customers using our structures for home offices and places to relax, upgrading the insulation to acoustic will help reduce any external noise from entering your garden room. The Knauf (German manufactured) acoustic slab insulation offers excellent thermal and acoustic properties.

The Knauf acoustic insulation is a specialist non-combustible insulation specially designed to be environmentally friendly. It's use offers a better alternative which has been found to offer zero ozone depletion (zero global warning) and is rot proof, non-hygroscopic, will not sustain vermin and will not encourage the growth of fungi, mould or bacteria.

OFFER 3: FREE Rainwater Butt, Water Filter, Connection Kit, Tap & Water Butt Stand

FREE White Slimline 1.5Kw Panel Heater

With each new Oeco garden room purchased we will supply you with a FREE green 100 litre rainwater butt complete with water filter, connection kit, tap and water butt stand.

The rainwater butt will enable you to collect rainwater straight from your garden room`s roof. Do not worry about connecting or installing the free rainwater butt, the experienced installation team will install and connect your water butt directly to the garden room`s rear guttering and downpipe system.

Rainwater Butts Offer Many Advantages!

FREE White Slimline 1.5Kw Panel Heater

Rainwater butts offer far more advantages than just reducing your mains water usage. Additional benefits include: Natural rainwater contains no added chemicals and is therefore ideal for watering flowers and plants. You will find your flowers and plants grow a lot healthier, especially in the peak spring and summer growing months.

Collecting rainwater greatly reduces the amount of water running into our drains and provides you with a supply of water during any drought periods or hosepipe bans. Water recycling and conservation is also good environmental policy.

If you have any specific questions or queries regarding Oeco special offers, please do not hesitate to Contact Us