Next available installation 12th March 2018

Building Regulations

National Policy

The Government is responsible for the national policy on building regulations. Building regulations exist to ensure the health, safety and welfare of people in the building and the energy efficiency of the building.

Building regulations (not to be confused with planning permission) are concerned with how a structure is designed, built and insulated.

Garden Rooms up to an internal floor area of 30 square metres are exempt from building regulations (Except when the structure is to be used for sleeping accommodation)

A Truly Habitable All Year Round Garden Room

A Truly Habitable All Year Round Garden Room

By building high quality energy efficient garden structures which utilise the latest state of the art thermal insulation, we are tackling the issue of global warming by reducing the energy used in heating and the burning of fossil fuels.

For a truly habitable outdoor garden building it should be at least designed, built and well insulated.

After all a garden building is an extension to your main home and we know you would much rather use the building all year round whatever the climate!