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Thermal Insulation

Basic Principles of Heat Transfer

Basic Principles of Heat Transfer

Heat transfer, heat flow or simply heat, is the transfer of thermal energy from one area to another. Heat transfer works on a single basic principle: heat moves from warmer to colder areas.

Therefore, on cold days, heat from inside a building seeks to get outside. And on warmer days, the heat from outside the building seeks to get inside.

Insulation, or more correctly thermal insulation, is the product that reduces heat loss or heat transfer by providing a barrier between the outside and inside.

The Highest Quality Thermal Insulation

The Highest Quality Thermal Insulation

For a truly habitable outdoor garden building, having the highest quality thermally efficient insulation is the most important factor.

You will be able to use an Oeco insulated garden building all year round whatever the weather!.

Our buildings will remain warm in the winter and cool in the summer. All buildings are insulated using superior rigid thermal insulation panels. The rigid thermal insulation panels offer extremely high insulation value or u-values.

Rigid Thermal Insulation Panels

Rigid Thermal Insulation Panels

There is a very broad spectrum of different insulation materials available on the market, with an equally broad variance in performance.

All our garden building walls, floor and roof are insulated using rigid thermal insulation panels.

This type of insulation panels is proven to be the most thermally efficient and technically advanced insulation product available today. Rigid insulation materials contain tiny pockets of trapped gas, which resist the transfer of heat. Rigid thermal insulation is the preferred choice for architects, designers, councils and builders. PIR rigid thermal insulation panels have many advantages over traditional insulation materials.

Rigid Thermal Rigid Insulation Vs Alternative Insulation Materials

PIR Rigid Thermal Rigid Insulation Vs Alternative Insulation Materials

The rigid insulation panels offer extremely high insulation qualities, which consistently outperform alternative traditional insulation materials. Each panel is equivalent to approximately 225mm (9 inches) of mineral or animal fibre.

Mineral or animal fibre insulation is much cheaper (less than a quarter of the price!) and tends to be used by the majority of garden building companies. In addition mineral or animal fibre has a tendency to slip inside the wall cavities leaving pockets or areas without any insulation whatsoever. Unlike thermal insulation panels - mineral and animal fibre insulation products are susceptible to attack from mould, fungi, mildew and vermin.